Introducing two
clear to extra dark technologies

The latest and most advanced optical lens technology by Transitions Optical.

Light is an essential and dynamic presence constantly moving and changing in all of our daily lives. It creates beauty but also presents challenges to our vision.

  • 9/10

    glasses wearers are LIGHT SENSITIVE¹

  • 3/10

    glasses wearers are VERY LIGHT SENSITIVE²

The need for extra light protection

Many glasses wearers are regularly exposed to bright light compromising their vision and comfort, while others are very light sensitive.

The symptoms of light sensitivity are real with 8 out of 10 experiencing daily eye fatigue, and 7 out of 10 getting headaches. Half of glasses wearers experience itchy and tired eyes³.

Transitions XTRActive range of clear to extra dark lenses deliver the extra light protection needed by glasses wearers wanting darker lenses, those frequently exposed to bright or reflected light, and very light sensitive wearers.

Who needs transitions xtractive lenses?

dynamic polarized photochromic lens

  • Indoors

    Clear and unpolarised

  • Outdoors

    Polarises as it darkens

xtra dark for xtra light protection

  • Indoors

    Clear with 35% faster fade back¹²

  • Outdoors

    Darkest lens in hot temperatures and in the car⁴

Marketing Materials & Education

There are many resources available to Australian and New Zealand practices to assist with marketing and recommending the new Transitions XTRActive range to patients.

Resources include demonstration tools, window posters, counter cards, social media content, newsletter content and more.

To ensure you feel confident in discussing the new technologies with patients, eyecare professionals are encouraged to learn about Transitions XTRActive. The short education modules include recommendation tips and profiles of patients Transitions XTRActive is suited to.

All of this is available to view, order and download at Transitions Plus – the online Transitions resource.

If you have not registered for Transitions Plus previously, please use registration code XAweb.