XTRA dark for XTRA Light Protection

wearer experience


overall satisfaction

Transitions XTRActive new generation lenses have been tested by wearers in their daily life with impressive results and an overall satisfaction rating of 98%14.

The protection offered by Transitions XTRActive new generation lenses – especially in bright sunlight outdoors – is often the first thing wearers appreciate about the lenses.

While not noticeable by all wearers, some wearers noticed and appreciated the hint of protective tint when exposed to intense visible light indoors.


darkest in hot temperatures11

The only photochromic lens to achieve category 3 lens darkness at 35°C

In the car

darkest in the car11

The only photochromic lens to achieve category 2 lens darkness in the car



Compared with previous Transitions XTRActive generation

Helps filter blue light

Best blue light filter indoors13

Filters blue light indoors from digital devices and screens

Indoor clarity

Clear indoors with a hint of protective tint

Helps reduce glare from harsh artificial lighting, digital devices and screens

UV Protection

Blocks 100% UVA & UVB

Everyday eyecare blocking UV outdoors


very satisfied with overall vision experience in the car14


feel eyes are very well protected in outdoor, very sunny situations14


feel their eyes were very well protected in front of screens14


feel their eyes were very well protected indoors in bright and artificial lights14

Unique advanced technology

Transitions XTRActive new generation utilises the most advanced dye package ever using breakthrough photochromic molecules that provide extra darkness, improved activation and fade back, along with consistent colour through all phases of activation.

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new powerful xtractive dyes

The extended molecular structure of the dye improves their ability to absorb more visible light energy which has cracked the challenge of activation and darkness in hot temperatures.

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exclusive new nano-composite matrix

The new nano-composite matrix technology increases the mobility of the dyes resulting in lenses that activate and fade back fast without sacrificing darkness or durability.

Patients try risk free

Eyecare professionals can feel confident about recommending Transitions XTRActive new generation lenses.

If the patient doesn’t love their new Transitions XTRActive new generation lenses they can exchange for either Transitions Signature GEN 8 or clear lenses.